Monday, September 26, 2005

Sticks and Stones

I just responded to 62 emails. Some from married men. Not sure why they're looking for a "pen pal" or "just dinner" with a woman who's obviously looking for neither. And several men nearing 80 looking to get together for a casual date. They're even too old for my mother! Quite a few women wrote me. Some to congratulate me on taking this "bold" step. Others to give advice. And then there are those who feel compelled to tell me what a self serving bitch I must be. Funny, they don't even know me. Nor do they seem to have any actual credentials in psychology or psychiatry. I guess making my quest public invites opinions. I'm cool with that. And I've been writing back to everyone. What can I say? I was brought up well. There are also some real, live men who I'm corresponding with. I hope to start meeting them next month. After all, that's when you know. If it's real.